Every website use icons and small illustrations on the page to present the content in a concise, spectacular and joyful way. Icons guide users giving them visual clues of what it represents, be it the search icon or recently popular, Hamburger icon. Everybody loves bright, colorful iconography that snaps attention and improves their overall experience on the website.

Icons don’t just replace the content on the page, sometimes, the icons serve as a powerful tool to present your content with a stronger impact on your visitor’s mind that creates long lasting impressions. They are supporting graphics displayed as a prime highlighter of the content.

Here we present you some of the websites – 19 to be exact, that uses great Iconography. The Designers of these sites skillfully used the art of iconography to enhance the website Interface, and of course the User Experience.

1. Bronco

When we talk about great use of iconography in a website, the Bronco would be a nice example. The radiant and concise, colorful but minimal homepage will snap your attention as soon as you open it. The icons relating to the content will guide you to their services that personifies the user experience on the website.

Bronco - 19 Websites with great Iconography

2. Fiverr – Year in Review

Now this is what you call a brilliant design and a good iconography. The 2015 Year Review of Fiverr uses some of the greatest icon sets and design. Each is having discrete functionality, and they look like an exquisite artwork all together. Every section is finely crafted along with the chromatic illustrated icons that cast a joyful and a phenomenal experience at the same time.

Fiverr - 19 Websites with great Iconography

3. Pagoda Box

As soon as you land on this site, a classy animation welcomes you. The iconography on the page adds a voice to the text and helps in comforting the visitors, which makes the User Interface very interacting and enhance the User Experience.

Pagoda Box - 19 Websites with great Iconography

4. Scorpion

Scorpion is one of the websites that is built with clever iconography that can turn anyone’s head. Starting off with their axiom, it proficiently moves towards joyful animating icons as you scroll down and take you on hold to see them animating again.

Scorpion - 19 Websites with great Iconography

4. Thinknologies

Thinknologies is a story driven website that entertains you with its unique scrolling effects and stunning graphical icons. The objects fly and move around the page to produce mind blowing animation effects and create a long-lasting impression.

Thinknologies - 19 Websites with great Iconography

5. Beko.ro

Crafted with smart design, Beko steals your heart with its majestic icon animations. The icons serve as a link to teleport you into deep features about the product. The captivating scrolling system will force you to explore more about it.

beko - 19 Websites with great Iconography

6. ManageWP

Built on modern design trends, ManageWP’s effective iconography on the homepage will attract you towards its services. These flat icons blend perfectly with the primary color of the website giving a professional look to the website. Apart from describing their services, icons deliver their stat facts and a help illustrated icon at the bottom.

Manage WP - 19 Websites with great Iconography

7. Killing Kennedy

Based on the life events of the President John F. Kennedy, this website uses icons that hold small bits of information popping up when you click on them. The gorgeous parallax effects and stunning scrolling effects make this website a true masterpiece of Web design.

Killing Kennedy - 19 Websites with great Iconography

8. InstaMacro

InstaMacro focuses on the icons and their elegant animations that engage the site visitors for a longer duration. The blue toned website follows up with the latest trends and brilliant typography.

InstaMacro - 19 Websites with great Iconography

9. Jacksonville Artwalk

The dark and intense themed Jacksonville Downtown Artwalk temporarily transports you to the world of artists. The monochrome icons amplify the experience on the website and feel intuitive and sporty.

Jacksonville - 19 Websites with great Iconography

10. TV Safety

TV Safety, an education website is filled with lots of great animations using icons to show up the stats and safety measures. The iconic illustrations are delightful and convey their message with a stronger impact.

TV Safety - 19 Websites with great Iconography

11. Brown Owl Creative

Brown Owl Creative is an illustration cooked website and define a new meaning for iconography. The blueprint icons take you to a new destination that is stitched of vivid icons and content. The subtle animation on icons adds a life to the website as you scroll down.

Brown Owl Creative - 19 Websites with great Iconography

12. Kaylin Jordan

This personal portfolio of Kaylin Jordan stands out of the crowd concerning simplicity and Professionalism. The flat, minimal and dual toned icons with rich typography make it a head turning portfolio that simply looks excellent.

Kaylin Jordan - 19 Websites with great Iconography

13. Pixel 2 HTML

Filled with rich and eye-popping animations, Pixel 2 HTML knows the nerves of iconography in the design. With its beautiful arrangements of icons and content that wraps around them, this website is surely going to have more conversion rates.

Pixel 2 HTML - 19 Websites with great Iconography

14. Sydney Rubbish Services

This site speaks out what it does through it’s flat, and vibrant icons. What’s more that the icons adopt the primary color of the website that adds substantial value to their brand.

Sydney Rubbish Services - 19 Websites with great Iconography

15. Loopd

Loopd is a modern, fresh and clutter free website that uses icons that blend seamlessly with the content. The smart and beautiful icons amplify it’s overall design and gives it superior value over others.

Loopd - 19 Websites with great Iconography

17. Agencia 110

The divine water effects background on Agencia 110 along with monochromatic illustrated icons mark its adorable beauty. The icons usage on the page personifies the content as well as the Brand.

Agencia 110 - 19 Websites with great Iconography

18. ExplainMate

With the modern homepage layout, Explainmate uses vibrant icons and illustrations that explain what the description is about. Flat and modern icons are placed in a junction with text that looks pleasing to the eye. The set of bright colors is what makes it look sleek and modern.

Explainmate - 19 Websites with great Iconography

19. iPeak

iPeak is a single page app website that incorporates native icons for describing their app features. The beauty of this website lies in its simplicity.

iPeak - 19 Websites with great Iconography


This was the roundup of 19 websites that used different styles of iconography on their websites. Some were monochromatic, flat but still fantastic and others were minimal, sporty, vibrant illustrated graphic icons that lifted up the website’s design and interface while personifying the overall User Experience.

Hope you like them all and do share any wonderful website with great iconography that you know with us in the comments below.

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