So you have built the most beautiful theme, after hundreds of hours of coding and countless cups of coffee. Sounds great, but the fact is, it is all useless if you are getting no sales. If you have ever checked the Themeforest’s popular themes list, you might be surprised by seeing the sales count of the most popular theme, currently which is 18,7000 and still rising. It’s perfectly alright even if your theme hasn’t reached a tenth of its sale, but it should be enough to keep you motivated. Mostly, the niche of the theme is a major factor of deciding the sales. If you have designed a multi-purpose theme, it’s going to get you decent sales.


However, your work doesn’t end by just taking your theme out for sale. Why would anyone buy your theme? After all, there are hundreds of theme similar to yours. Most of the developers, get totally into theme development, and at the end of the day, they don’t have time for anything else. People look for a decorum in themes, and if you fail to provide it, you won’t be able to live on this business.


Selling your themes

There are a lot of the well-established marketplaces that drives thousands of customers who need themes and plugins for their WordPress websites. ThemeForest, Elegant Themes, Mojo Marketplace are to name a few that sells premium themes and plugins. You can either go with them or sell your themes independently. Though some people find independently selling option more suitable, but I recommend you to go with the industry experienced marketplaces.


Selling your themes independently.

If you are one of those who find satisfaction in working alone, selling themes on your website is a good option. Selling your themes independently is considered better after you generate revenue. Unlike these digital markets, you don’t have to share your revenue with anyone. You can also make your portfolio stronger by showcasing your wonderful creations.


Selling Your themes via Marketplace

When you stick with the specialists, you find a better value. Marketplaces may take some of your revenue but in return, you get to present your theme on a much higher platform. These marketplaces not only master in Marketing, but they handle all the payments and gateways so you could just concentrate on making excellent themes.


Why your WordPress themes are not selling

Uploading your theme files online and expecting to see a wave of customers, is not going to happen unless your theme is ready for it. Like I have said, developers are too busy working on themes, that they do not have time for other important tasks, that are probably more important than the development itself. That’s why it is better to work with the team and divide the work. As the competition is increasing, you will find yourself at the corner if you oversight these factors.

As the competition is increasing, you will find yourself at the corner if you oversight these factors.


1. Not providing a live demo

No matter how many images you provide, no one would be convinced just by seeing the dumb theme pages. Buyers cannot judge how the same theme would look on their site. It is better to provide something that can help the buyers to experience the theme before they buy it. Adding a link to the live demo of the site is a one and the best option. However, by just providing a link does not help. Create the best arrangement out of theme and display everything the theme has got. The most common way to do this is by dressing individual pages with a unique design your theme can afford and provide a link to all the customized pages on the navigation menu. This keeps all the different page style within the reach of customers. Some theme developers go even far to provide other options, such as changing fonts, background, layout all on the live demo.


Live demo - 7 reasons your wordpress themes are not selling

Providing live demo can boost your sales


Customers can somewhat expect what they get at the end, ultimately increasing your sales.


2. Not showing possibilities

Not everyone has the same taste like yours, and the same concept applies to themes, and to convert potential buyers into happy customers, you need to provide a theme options page to customize the theme. Though you could provide some limited options on the live demo page, it’s better to show a screenshot of the theme’s options page with all the options expanded.

Now this is a very crucial step that most of the theme developers avoid for privacy reasons. It’s difficult to show the back-end of theme publicly, but if you are using OptionTree or any other plugin for creating an options page, then there’s nothing to hide. Potential buyers check the page more than the copycat developers.


3. Not giving free bonus stuff

Who doesn’t like getting a free bonus, and when you are competing with other themes, who provide a set of premium tools and plugins bundled with the theme, without any extra charge. You can buy a plugin with an extended license and use it on your theme for commercial purpose. Some of the most popular plugins that have become a standard for all the themes are Visual Composer. You can also get some of the high standard plugins directly from WordPress repository such as Contact Form. On most of the themes on Themeforest, you will find at least one premium plugins.


If you are not selling themes WordPress themes through any market platform, apart from premium stuff, you can pull more customers by giving membership access to your site. By paying a one-time fee, users have access to all your themes. As the best example, the Elegant themes, sell themes and plugins on a basis of one-time payment. This might be due to their this style, they have over 317K users.


4. Not making your theme look its best.

By providing a live demo with just some pages isn’t going to help much. You need to make your theme visually appealing to your buyers so that it can become their first choice. And for that to happen, you need to make your theme stand out from the crowd.


Make your theme look its best - 7 reasons your weordpress themes are not selling

Make your theme look at its best.


If you have added Google fonts to your theme, you can use it. They look a lot better than the default fonts, and people love the beautiful things. If not any fancy font, Open Sans should hit the spot. You can check the list of the most popular fonts used on the web.

Fonts are just the mouth; they speak the text, but the theme should have a solid appearance as well. Premium quality images are the right stuff to make your theme look more professional. Shutterstock is a one with the best stock of premium images.

Apart from the font and pictures, a decent colour scheme can influence potential buyers for a purchase. Colours play a significant role in sites. but avoid a multi-color site. Select a dominant color and use it frequently on the elements such as links, Image captions, widgets underline, etc. You can unlimitedly style your themes, but too many graphics and fonts may slow down your site, and your buyers won’t find it useful.


5. Not supporting customers.

Not everyone is an expert, and most of your customers won’t know anything about theme files or even installing the theme on the site. So it’s a good practice to provide a well-formatted documentation along with the theme. All the themes on the ThemeForest marketplace come with documentation, that explains the installation process.


Supporting the customers - 7 reasons your weordpress themes are not selling - Developers Streak

Adding a documentation saves users as well as developers time


Well, providing documentation does help everyone, but handling customers queries can be tough. If you want to gain the trust of customers, you need to take care of all the customers. If you are selling on Themeforest, customers could directly share their problems or reviews in the comment section. Most of the comments would be questions rather than appreciation, but do respond to each question as far as possible. If someone gives a negative review, reply to know the issue so you could help or make the theme better. You can also ask suggestions from your customers. Because the comment section is for visitors as well, seeing the developer active, they can purchase tension free.

respond to every query - 7 reasons your weordpress themes are not selling - Developers Streak

Respond to everyone’s query


6. Not regularly updating your theme

Nobody would love a theme that has not been updated in a long period. In this cut-throat competition, your theme should be updated with the latest WordPress standards to ensure customers are running on your theme excellently. If you have been selling your WordPress themes on the ThemeForest, you might have viewed the last updated section. This may be helpful for the people to choose a theme if it’s compatible with their current WordPress version, which is mostly the latest. It implies the necessity of updating your theme frequently.


WordPress frequently releases minor updates, and it’s important for your theme to stay updated with them. If you are working on other projects and do not have time for working on minor updates, you should not miss the major updates. WordPress updates not only add new files and features but are also free from previous versions security loopholes.


7. Not branding your theme

Last but not the least, branding is the most crucial step for your theme sales. Branding of your theme is just like any other product’s branding. Branding makes your theme popular and brings more customers for you. For example, take a look at the Divi’s branding. You can find this image on most of the web development related websites. This is one of the reasons that the Divi theme is a superhit.


Divi theme advertisement- 7 reasons your WordPress themes are not selling - Devstreak

Branding can improve your sales


Of course, the branding takes money, but in return, it gives you interested buyers, and above all the popularity. People browsing the sites may come to check your theme. And if they find it fit for themselves, you have got a plus one on your sales number.



There are lots of factors that are responsible for your theme sales. Even if you have created the best theme, if it has got no sales, you have achieved nothing. Just by doing some simple tasks, you can improve your sales by influencing the potential buyers. Though theme development is a business that is preferred to be done with a team, but you can alone as well achieve decent sales. However, if you haven’t got a satisfactory amount of sales yet, do not stop creating new themes. Maybe the next one could bring you more sales. GLWS Developers.


What techniques do you use to stay on the game? Share your comments and thoughts.

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