If you have been into the freelancing career as a freelancer developer and you have ended up at a point where you are worrying for getting your next clients, then it’s time to be serious. Choosing a freelancing career is an uncompromising decision, where you are totally dependent on your clients. The availability of your clients is directly proportional to your level of skills and experience. Being a successful freelancer especially as a developer takes a lot of work, from maintaining your online presence to delivering the desired project to your clients. Since you want more new clients, you need to make your current clients gratified. This article is dedicated to freelancers as developers and designers, be it Web or App.


Why do people choose the freelancing career?

The potential amount of energy that you put in your current daytime job is much less than the stress you’ll suffer being as a freelancer. The fear of failure and the intense sense of responsibility makes this career, even more thrilling. On paper, it seems too easy to handle, you’ll do every work in time, make sure none of the clients get back unassuaged. Practically, dealing with the clients is much more difficult than dealing with a boss. But then, thousands of developers choose to start on their own terms and live the life being own’s boss. Broadly classifying, there could be only 3 reasons for leaving your corporate job for freelancing.


1. You are sick of your daily job, but you can’t leave it since you have to feed yourself, if not your family. While there could be many alternatives, but if you have been working as a developer in a company, you can still become a freelancer. All it takes to build up your profile and contacts and get started with freelancing. It is not necessary that you’ll earn more than your regular job, but sometimes getting paid for the work you love is more important.

2. Want the freedom to choose your own clients, working hours and pay-rate. This means no more tension to leave the home at a fixed time. You can take the full sleep and have the complete breakfast without rush. And dealing with the clients whom you want to work with, decide your wage and workload. Overall, it would have a positive impact over your lifestyle and so you can maintain the work-life balance.

3. Living the life extraordinary. Freelancers aren’t limited to be seated at a corner of a closed room. You will need to travel the world to take part in the events to know more about the subject and branding yourself to fetch new clients. You will also get a chance to work on new and innovative projects. Working with handpicked teammates would immensely boost your self-confidence and would take your career to new heights.


If you are misinterpreting this article for being a successful part-time developer, then you’re wrong. You can’t be successful if you are working only in your free hours. As a successful freelancer, you’ll need the determination required for working under pressure of deadlines. So to be at par, you’ll need to quit your other businesses and jobs and solely focus towards freelancing.


Finding out the Freelancer Developer in you

finding-freelancer-developer-in-you Image


The very first step of being a freelancer developer is to find out this talent in you. Let’s face it, you won’t get around this until you have the potential to do it. Freelancing isn’t only being your own boss and deciding the people you want to work with. This is something that you’ve to live with your entire life, handling annoying clients, cutting down your leisure time for the project deadlines and being a dummy before your computer most of the time. But above all, you will have the freedom to live and travel and work on the projects which are worth your success growth. You’ll need to start from somewhere.

  1. Find your Niche. It’s obvious that you’re not going to do any freelancing business. You’ll need to find a niche that you could continue for your whole life. If you love the web, you need to focus either on front-end or at the back-end. Doing both at the same time wouldn’t lead you to perfection. So make sure you choose your niche well and that one which could benefit you in the long run.
  2. Research for the content. Learn, practice and master the skill that you are going to use as your weapon of survival. Well today, there are thousands of websites, hundreds of courses to teach you any kind of skill that you can use to become an independent freelancer.
  3. Set up the Workspace. So you have planned everything. But are you sure you’re going to handle freelancing business from your bed? Since this is going to be your career, why don’t you invest on something great that would help you to stay focused, like another room in your apartment.
  4. Spread the word about your new business. Now that you’ve set up everything, it’s useless until you get clients. But who knows you exist as a freelancer. Take the advantage of Social media sites and people recommendations.


Getting started is just the first step. Ask yourself, why would anyone come to you? There are hundreds of already established freelancers developers who have no shortage of die heart clients. For this, you’ll need to earn a successful tag for your freelancing business. 


A freelancer and a successful freelancer are different



This is not a point to explain, but it’s a point to notice upon. Being a successful freelancer doesn’t just mean you have the stack of hundreds of projects. A truly successful freelancer means that you’re being preferred over others as the first choice of the customers. You will have no shortage of projects that you find suitable to work.

It’s late, but finally, we’re here talking about how to be a successful freelancer developer.


1. Brand yourself, after all, you’re your own representee.

Advertising is necessary if you have just entered in this career, whether a paid one or just by building yourself as a brand genuinely. Taking the paid advertising route may fetch more clients at the beginning, which would be a head start for you. But if you can’t afford the paid branding, you can build the online presence and great testimonials. And in either case, you’ve to make sure all of your clients are satisfied. There are various ways to brand yourself, Starting with the most popular and effective way


  • Make your own portfolio website. By making your portfolio website online, you make sure that you’re unique on the web. Through it, you can highlight the companies that you have worked in. Showcase your greatest projects or apps that you have worked on. This would add a conclusion to your new customers of what they could get at the end. And adding the clients testimonials would increase the trust and loyalty on you. 
  •  Building your online presence. Having profiles on social media websites like Twitter and LinkedIn definitely assures your clients that you really exist. On the other side, having a facebook page of person seems more like it’s an object. You can also strengthen your profile by answering questions related to your niche on sites like Quora.
  • Broadcast your intelligence on some popular websites of your niche. You can write guest posts, reply to the comments or suggest positive edits to the authors. By this way, you would gather the attention of people who are looking for confident and skillful freelancer developers.
  • Take part in the events happening worldwide. You don’t have to buy tickets for every event happening. But you shouldn’t miss the events that feature famous personalities from all over the world. I’m sure that event wouldn’t be an ordinary one. You would not only get exposure about the innovative technologies, you would get a chance to spread a word among new people.
  • Open up a parent network company. People would love to see a member working for them who belongs to a famous name on the internet. As an example, suppose you are hiring a freelancer developer, whom would you choose? Google co-founder Larry page or Chris coyer? Most answers would be Larry page since he’s associated with Google. But you need to start with creating something innovative. If you are a web developer, you can create a new script or new framework that can help developers in reducing some coding hours. If you are an app developer, you need to create a signature app or technology that would stand you out from the crowd. It can be any app, game or application framework.


2. Don’t accept the projects that you couldn’t continue with.

It seems pretty easy to understand but you should be careful about it. Once you become a successful freelancer, you would have the choice to work on the projects you wish. But as a beginner, you won’t have the choice to wish. As you’ll start, you would get very few projects. You want to do every project even if you couldn’t do it, just to gain experience. But this would negatively impact your reputation. Canceling the projects would adversely affect the testimonials and you may find hard getting new proposals. This initial phase could be a hard time for any beginner in freelancing.

But today, you have alternatives. You have the power through freelancing websites such as Freelancer, Truelancer, Upwork. Just post your skill level and your pay rate. You would start getting project proposals. Even more interesting is working with Fiverr. You have to post the service that you could do for people for just $5 (known as the gig. You can add more customizations with increased price, but the base rate remains for $5). If you’re free, you can use Fiverr to spread a word about yourself.


3. Gain more and more experience.

Rightly said, success comes with experience. Build up your own projects, or new frameworks. This would help you to do more complex projects easily. As said, using the freelancer websites, you can work on some unique projects.


4. Collaboration would definitely keep you higher.

Freelancing does not imply that you have to do everything yourself. You could build your own team. Hire few professionals and work together. You don’t need to master everything, but you need to know how to do it.


5. Stay updated

Stay updated about everything, new designs, Scripts or framework releases, clients expectations. Follow the new trends, and well informed about the people you follow. Contact them, or at least follow them on social media to know about their status


Freelancing isn’t only about being your own boss and living the life freely by working with the people you want to. It’s the phase that you would get into only if you would become a successful freelancer developer. But this journey isn’t as easy as it sounds, after all, you are competing with hundreds of other well-established freelancers. But this shouldn’t be the thing that would stop you from being a successful freelancer. In between working under deadlines, you should have time to brand yourself, learn more and more, learn the new content through events going on worldwide. Gain as much as the experience you can. At last, the rewards are amazing.


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