Natural born leaders in this world are very scarce. Leadership is not generally about what you came with; it’s about what you grasped through the journey. A leader can be sought of as a person whom people consistently want to follow for his contemporary ideas and methodologies. Following steps can help you become a relatively better leader and furnish your leadership qualities.


Be confident, period.

The fact that you are confident funnily enough doesn’t have to do anything with knowing what you are doing. As far as you are confident people tend to believe whatever it is you want them to feel. Therefore, when you are confident people incline to the fact that you know what your goals and ambitions are, which in turn helps you earn their trust and respect.


For an instance consider you don’t know something, and you respond with an “I don’t know” while your fingers are swiveling, eyes down, shoulders weak, legs twitching. Now with the same scenario imagine saying “I don’t know” with your head held high, keeping continuous eye contact, shoulders straight. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing but what matters is how you portray yourself when you accept you don’t. A lack of knowledge should not cost your confidence.


Be an Oracle

Accepting you don’t know once is fine, but repeating this every time is obviously not sustainable. Become a professional in the field you pursue. Of course, you won’t need all the answers at once, but eventually, you may find yourself in a condition where it is crucial to know or else it’s all a waste.

Having a quality of knowledge will not only keep your confidence high, but it will also help you to be more leader-esque. Because when you have the knowledge, you can work out your way of dealing with things and nurture new ideas which people look for in their leader.


Excercise things that make you Apprehensive.

The best way to vanquish your fears is to face them. There is no other way other than this. Many of us would know about our goals and even how to reach them, but fear ceases our actions and thus we are not able to meet these objectives.

Being a leader means that you will have to do things without any forewarning, and if the task is something you are scared of, it can cost you even your leadership. So start taking these risks and who might know you begin to like those things and may become a quality you’ll possess.


Dress to Impact

The fact that how you present yourself plays a crucial role in deciding your ability to influence people. It tells a lot about yourself even before you speak. Dress so as to make an impressive impact on those whom you interact with, this will not only popularize your influence in the firm but also portray you as gentlemen.

However, this does not mean limiting the appearances just to yourself; It implies inspiring the whole firm to dress sharply to impress their clients.


Take responsibilities for the consequences of your action

To tackle bigger problems you need to have a good decision-making power, you’ll have to make decisions that will affect everyone around you so make sure they all are affected for better and not worse. But then you will have to make sure that for the decisions, you take sole responsibility for the consequences they will end up with. Whether right or wrong ensure that you have the guts for you to accept it as it is much responsibility as it is an honor.

Think of yourself as a pilot of an aircraft, as the fate of the passengers is in your hand and it is your soul fidelity to steer them in the right direction because they rely on you. But if even then there is hesitation it would be a better idea to step down because this can lead to tyranny.


Treat your followers well

The basis of how you treat others will determine the kind of person you are, and also the calibre of people following you. As a leader, you should always take care of what you speak and how can that be apprehended by the receiver. Can it be mistaken? If yes, go ahead and make it right for the one receiving it. Being a jerk to them is incongruent and unethical. By treating them well, you prove yourself worthy of being followed because being a leader would require you to excel in every aspect of life and this being a very crucial one should not be neglected.

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It’s not a demanding job developing leadership qualities in yourself, but it takes all that persists within you if you want to be a great leader. You need to follow these steps and excel. But you won’t start seeing the effects until you go ahead, try them and implement them. Good luck!


What methods are you practising to harness your leadership qualities?

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