The present corporate sector is perfused with the engineers bearing a huge workload that seems to be inestimable. The work is nowadays is getting more formidable and  tortuous,  most of us now work in 24*7 domains, anxiety, stress and burnouts have become distinctive. The employees under such stiff conditions start to experience many problems such as stress, hypertension and anxiety. The reason being the environment that they have to reside in, which in turn, depletes the performance of your team and affects the quality of the work output. A report says that the work stress levels are rising with over 53% of the workforce reporting that they are closer to burnout than they were five years ago. At this point, you need to follow certain reforms which can help you connect with your teammates and get their mojo back in no time.


Connect better

The team leader is the one person who should be better in-tune with his team members, not just at the professional level but also at a certain personal level as well. This lets the employee get over their insecurities and helps them to share their problems with you in a more informal manner. And once the you know the actual problems of the team, you will be able to do a more effective job removing their problems. So you should take out time outside the work hours to know your teammates better.


Stimulate monotasking

Neuroscience claims that multitasking is a myth. It just results in depletion of the quality of work output. The team leader should encourage monotasking by clearing one at a time task prioritization which results in an efficient and even division of the workload. Multitasking should be generally avoided unless urgent. This helps reduce the stress on the employee and reduces their anxiety levels which facilitate them to concentrate on their job and perform more efficiently.


Encourage time offs!

During the office time, you should encourage a little “me” time for the workers. In this time, the employees should be allowed to indulge in activities that they enjoy doing. This greatly reduces the stress and anxiety levels of subjects. Studies have shown that a little ”me” time during office hours helps to enhance the work efficiency of the employees.   


Lightning the atmosphere

A tense and serious work environment does not really help workers to perform in a coherent manner. This tense environment raises anxiety levels and thereby it’s hard to concentrate in such conditions. You should basically look out for a work environment where the employees feel free to share their thoughts and you also being a bit lenient, not checking on the employees every 10 mins to inspect on their progress. This creates nervousness amongst them and hence they won’t be able to concentrate.



Bringing some simple reforms like these in your work environment can make a remarkable difference in the gross work output as before with an enhancement in the quality of the work. The bottom line is that reducing the problems of pressure, stress and anxiety for every employee make every employee, the entire team, better, validating higher performance and involvement over time.

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