If you have seen the web growing, you must have noticed the portfolio design trends. Portfolio sites are usually a couple of pages are designed using the standard web technologies. If you are a freelancer web developer or designer, you need to have a great portfolio to stay in the game. If you too want to create a rocking portfolio site but have no idea where to start, take a look at the portfolio website examples for inspiration. Most of them are the award-winning Portfolios featured on the Awwwards website.


Orange you Glad

Orange you glad - 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


This site isn’t an ordinary portfolio website and once you visit this one, you would stick there for a couple of minutes to see all the visual effects. The well-defined homepage layout and minimal content with dynamic backgrounds make it stand out from the rest. The right Orange button works as a logo as well as the off-canvas menu. Overall, it’s a website worth to visit.



Puppets - 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


Puppets is a very amusing site that is simple as well functional. This one-page portfolio website is divided into section and makes the full use of illustrations. The homepage is quite engaging and you end up flipping all the background figures. The menu is contracted on the left so that the homepage gets a wider view. As you scroll down to see the rest of the site, be prepared to see some exciting set of animations.


Web Expert

Webexpert.it - 20 Portfolio website examples for Inspiration Image


While their work justifies the site name, this elegant portfolio website bind users on the homepage, thanks to their special background effect. This site is uncluttered, modern and sports a responsive design. All the non-primary content goes off the screen and can be reached by rolling down your mousewheel.


Mark Goldstein

mark goldstein - 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


As soon as the homepage loads, a continuous color spectrum masks over the background image produces eye-popping visuals. This online portfolio of Mark Goldstein is unique in terms of design and layout. His work page comprises of square tiles that showcase his projects. Jumping from one page to another is handled with folding transitions. You should definitely check this out.


Pat Kay

Pat Kay - 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


Pat Kay’s portfolio is a perfect example of how screen height page examples can be done. The plain looking background, which isn’t, can lock you for a couple of minutes. The simple menu at left contains the white dots that link to different sections of the page, making it totally awesome.


Armand Biteau

Armand Biteau- 20 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


This is one of the best portfolio website example in the list. The homepage fades into a list of projects with some other bits of information around the corners of the screen . Though the text size is quite small but still it is readable and the blue-white color combination seems perfect for this website. Above all, you don’t have to try hard to look for his portfolio and enhances the UI.


Pierro Caron

Poc sculpture- 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


Pierro Caron is not just any other portfolio site, it truly reflects the beauty of an Artisan Sculpture. The precise intersecting lines give the site a distinctive look. The images unroll down gracefully as you move down. You might also notice the transition animations while you move from one page to another. This site belongs to Pier-Luc Cossette from Canada and has been recently awarded as the site of the day.


Veintidos Grados

veintidos grados - 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


Know as 22 degrees, this website comprises beautifully styled text with borders and lines around it. There’s a lot of space between the elements and it looks simple but effective. Holding the site of the day award, it combines all the content that includes their homepage, success stories, and contact information in a single page portfolio.


Robert Jackson-Mee

robert jackson mee - 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


You would quickly understand why there is simply a text and a background. The actual site is hidden at the left and you can get there by clicking the menu button. The effects and transitions are quite wonderful. Jackson defines himself with the sportive words and shows off his best works.


Ben Lukas Boysen

Ben Lukas Boysen - 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration Image


Now this is what happens when music meets design. This portfolio of Ben Lukas Boysen is totally unique and contains his best compositions. While you can listen to his music directly on his site with background visualizations, they may not be compatible with every browser. The music player interface and the songs are great. Great work Ben.


Cleverbird Creative

Clever Bird Creative - 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


A clean and professional portfolio of Cleverbird Creative that was awarded as the site of the day. The loading animation and transitions are refreshing and you can visit different parts of the site by clicking on the navigation links at the bottom. The background image suits their profession as well, keeping it above from its competitors.


Viens La

viens la- 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


Viens-là is an independent digital agency dedicated to brand universe creation, web-site and high-value mobile application design. A personal background photo with colorized effects and with different typography makes this website beautiful. The loading screen is quite funny as well. This site has been featured on the Awwwards website as the site of the day.


Beta Agency

beta agency - 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


This two column website is a portfolio of  the Beta Agency from Russia. Their homepage defines their profession and the small arrow links to different parts of the page. The orange-black combination with lots of transitions makes this site stand apart.


Karbon Black

karbon black - 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


The minimalistic design impresses anyone who visits their site for the first time. The non-static background shows the faces of each of its members one by one, pushing others off the screen. A small menu at the top-right consists the link of all the pages. And as the name goes Karbon Black, everything is embraced with the shades of black.


Black Paper

blackpaper - 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


If you will visit this site in your browser, you would get a blend of decoration and professionalism. The dark theme holds the visitor to check out more about them. The most amazing thing about this site is that it focuses on the content that’s primarily more important.



Desajner - 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


This portfolio website of M. Arvidsson is much like a social profile page, with a video background that can’t be more natural. The subtle design layout and interlinking on this page are worth the praise. He kept the design minimal with just the central content on the site.



Stegaru - 20 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


This modern looking website is an online portfolio of Victor Stegaru. Few words on himself on a big translucent background image appeals users to get in touch with him.



The Nero

TheNero Design- 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


If you love just the stylish text over a solid color background, then you are definitely going to like this one. Keeping the first things first, Marco Grimaldi prefer the essential words at the center. To find his work and contact information, you need to browse through links provided, making it a minimal but decent portfolio.


Pedro Gaspar

Pedro gaspar - 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


At the first sight, it seems a photo placed on the background. This realistic looking homepage is built purely with CSS and Photoshop. This clean and modern homepage isn’t the only one that has been crafted so elegantly, other pages are designed equally beautiful as well. Pedro Gaspar, digital designer by profession shows off his works and project in a unique way, that you shouldn’t miss.


James Tupper

James Tupper - 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


This monospace font based portfolio site defines his personality in a single page. A pixelated personal image at the bottom with a blend of yellow colour adds a authority to his portfolio. As you will enter the homepage, an array of “I’m a one-half ” text would be waiting for you. And that would be pretty impressive at the first sight.


Everyday Signs

www.signesduquotidien.org - 21 Portfolio website examples for inspiration


After the website is loaded completely, a bold box at the center waits for a click from user. As soon as you click, a nicely timed animations fade in and arrange themselves on the corners of the screen. It may look simple and clean but the smooth and custom transitions takes a leap. It would be more amazing to see the website live.



So these were the few websites that have revolutionized the Web design trends. Though you can use WordPress themes as well, but custom designing is the best option. A great portfolio not only shows your strong skills but also personifies your identity.


What do you think of these design trends? Do share your comments and thoughts.

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