If your resume says that you are aware of WordPress and its functionality, then you belong to a rich company of users who use WordPress to publish their content on the web. We see infinite blogs and articles written all over the internet, but the real part comes when we talk about management. Today, we don’t have to look around cause there’s nothing better than WordPress when we talk about simplicity and worthy features and why you should start using WordPress today.


When I first heard about WordPress, I did not realize it is potential, but sooner I witnessed people successfully running websites that consisted thousands of pages. Is it that easy for anyone and everyone to make the best use of WordPress and to make their websites or blogs, writing different blogs and articles on it and then publish it on the web? Is WordPress a good option for setting up a content management system even for inexperienced users. Well, then let’s find the answers. 


What does the WordPress do

No doubt, WordPress is the most popular CMS today, and why not, because it is installed on millions of sites, such as Tech Crunch, BBC America, New Yorker to name a few. Even our site uses WordPress for writing, editing and managing content. Right from its beginning it has taken over the today’s world through a new phase and made life easier for web developers and passionate bloggers by creating a user-friendly and interactive environment.


So from creating a simple blog to fully functional websites and even mobile applications, WordPress provides you with all. One of the greatest thing about WordPress is that it does not cost you anything as it is licensed under General Public License. So, you can use and modify it according to your preferences.


Why WordPress

As I have said earlier that being interactive and user-friendly, WordPress provides with many of the incredible features which allow the user to make his site more interactive and more beautiful and expressive. It is also easy to learn and use which makes the user more comfortable with its source implementation and interaction. It started as a blogging system, and since then evolved drastically towards the betterment of web development. WordPress being an open source software allows the users from around the globe to contribute towards the development of WordPress. 


Also, many of the search engines will love to have the use of WordPress as it uses W3C standardization coding and PHP. Being a CMS, the user does not have to be a technical genius so as to work on it. WordPress is very flexible and apparently easy to use. WordPress has lots of features to offer for users to make their website unique and more expressible. A brilliant feature is that it supports custom themes, that lets you style the front-end design as per your taste. Although WordPress may not provide you everything at default, plugins can extend the WordPress functionality to tailor the add-ons you want to provide on your site.


WordPress is for the help

Often developers do come up with a question that why do we need to use WordPress? Is their experience not enough to handle the knowledge required to create large content based websites? WordPress is here for you to help you out with your senses – making them better and trying to solve your problems via its flexibility about the coding stuff that would take you hours to code. Beginners do need motivation or some help where they need to clarify their thoughts and put their ideas in a proper way to implement them and make them succeed, and this is where WordPress comes into the picture.


Being a CMS, it allows the programmer or the developer to edit, publish, modify, organize, delete ad maintain the content in its primary interface which helps in making a better progress especially when you are talking about writing content. So just chill and comfort it out with the assistance of WordPress. Even for the pros of today, who earns millions from their ongoing ventures, WordPress is their stellar cast. So you see, it is not that only the ordinary users are only associated with WordPress. Make it your good friend and you would be profited the most.


Helpful links to refer

WordPress may be easy to use, but if you really want to get the best out of your website, you should know every bit of WordPress. Though you will find WordPress codex and the WordPress support forums sufficient, you can refer external websites that would provide you with some tips to optimize your productivity with WordPress.


Some of the popular and trusted websites you can refer are,

WPBeginner, the most popular WordPress dedicated website that would solve almost all your problems with WordPress.

Wphub, the site features high-quality tutorials to help out anyone who wants to learn the basics of WordPress.

Wpmudev, Articles ranging from beginner level to expert level, with detailed tutorials and premium support for its users.



WordPress is not just any another CMS. Apart from giving web developers a great headstart for their projects, it helps average people to create blogs for passion without requiring coding knowledge. The ability to extend its functionality and the flexibility on customizations that it provides is what makes it a big success. WordPress has a broad scope for the passionate writers to large ventures.


So are you ready to start using the WordPress? Do share your thoughts and comments.

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